I actually won something!

Seems like in the quilt blog world, there is a contest every day right? Yet I never win anything! It’s become kind of like a joke, like every time I enter another contest I think to myself, “maybe THIS is the time I’ll win!”

Wouldn’t you know it, I actually won something and didn’t even know I’d entered a contest!??! And the prize is pretty sweeet!

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A Finished Quilt!

I am so happy to pop in here and show you this finished quilt! I finally managed to get decent photos taken and get this quilt out to Threading Hope, and I’m pretty proud of it!

The blocks for this quilt were made my members of the Promise Circle of Do. Good Stitches following my Waves of Strips quilt block tutorial. Here’s the whole finished quilt in one shot:

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Playing catch up, again

Woah, where does the time go?!? Actually I pretty much know where I’ve been for the last few weeks, but still, it’s surprising to realize how far behind I’ve fallen, yet again, with all things handy. Le sigh.

This weekend I finally finally finished my blocks for the Promise Circle of Do Good Stitches . . . my March and April blocks. Oh the shame.

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Quilting Waves of Strips

I’m behind in everything quilting and knitting related yet again. What else is new. Actually there is news: I started a new job last week and I’m loving it! But that doesn’t help the knitting/quilting time problem of course . . .

I did manage to get a little sewing done over the last few weeks or so though, and have been trying to finish a few of the projects that are this close to done. One of them is the Waves of Strips quilt that the Promise Circle made the blocks for, for my month as the quilter. And I’m happy to say the quilt is almost done now!

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Equals Quilt Block Tutorial

As promised, here’s a tutorial to make your own equals quilt block or equality wall hanging.

These instructions make a block that is 11.5″ unfinished, so will finish at 11″ once sewn together with 1/4″ seams.

If you’d like to make it into a wall hanging like mine, trim the block to 11″ before quilting and binding.

Instructions are after the jump. Enjoy!

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Equality Wall Hanging

A few weeks ago the Supreme Court heard two cases about gay marriage and Facebook supporters turned their profile pictures into red-and-pink equals signs to show their support for marriage equality in the US. I feel strongly about this issue (as do most people I know here in NYC) and changed my profile picture right along with them.

As I followed along the news and tried to predict what the court might decide, I found myself thinking more and more about the issue and about the equals sign that had become its symbol. And since I’m a quilter, I decided to explore my feelings in fabric form.

Read on for what I did and why:

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Quilt Fest of New Jersey IX

Um, where did February go? Oh right, to work stress and trying to escape it via reading Game of Thrones. Oh, and to pouting over not getting to go to Quiltcon. Ahem.

I got very little sewing or knitting done in February so is it any wonder I didn’t post all month? Definitely not.

Today though, today I went to Quilt Fest of New Jersey (with my friend Sara who drove me, thank you for inviting me Sara!) and was so inspired by the quilts in the show that I’m itching to get back to sewing. The quilt pictured above was one of my favorites for its density of detail, tongue-in-cheek humor, and unusually logical use of embellishments. It’s called The Lunker and was made by art quilter Janice M Jones of Methuen, MA. I took a photo of her artists statement and you can read it here if you’re curious.

I took pictures of many of my favorite entries and made a Flickr group out of them, which you can find here.


All-text quilt top

A few months ago my friend Nancy and I participated in a text print charm swap on Flickr in the Big 10-inch Charm Swap group. The idea with this and all other similar swaps is to buy a bunch of one fabric, chop it up, and send it to the swap mamma. When everyone’s done this, she sorts through the stacks and makes new stacks with one of each person’s prints in them, and sends them back.

What’s awesome about these types of swaps is not only the cool fabrics you get back (and the fact that they’re already cut to size!) but also the people you meet. The ladies in the 10-inch group are lovely all around!

Here’s the stack of charms that Nancy and I got back:

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